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What to watch this week


Broadchurch is back, and so is Catastrophe. And if that isn’t enough to excite you, how about the adventures of a young Jane Tennison?

Monday 27th February at 9pm on ITV (CH 103)


Why you should watch: Because it’s series three of Britain’s biggest telly phenomenon, and missing it is tantamount to treason.

But what about season two not being that great?: That was then. This is now. And this run looks to be incredible.

What’s the case?: A vicious sexual assault is the harrowing hook, but – this being Broadchurch – things are bound to sprawlingly complex.

Scene stealer alert: Corrie’s Julie Hesmondhalgh is set to be the standout star of this series.

They’re not laughing now: Rather surprising cast additions including comedians Charlie Higson, Lenny Henry and Roy Hudd.

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Tuesday 28th January at 8.30pm on E4 (CH 110) 


Why you should watch: The bold comedy about a up-scale African-American family returns, and it’s required viewing.

Also: Laurence Fishburne is the main guy’s dad, Pops. Who can resist seeing Morpheus as someone called Pops?

What they’re up to: The new season begins with a grand trip to Walt Disney World, with a VIP tour no less.

The big question: What does it mean to be black and American today? Something to ponder in between the belly laughs.

High praise alert: One US reviewer has called it “one of the only new network comedies worth watching”.

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The Secret Chef
Tuesday 28th February at 8pm on ITV (CH 103) 


Why you should watch: Because we’re all foodies now, right?

What’s the gist?: This new series sees inept home cooks secretly trained up by a top chef, before putting on a spread for baffled friends and family.

First up: A 51-year-old wife and mum from Rochdale, who is a self-confessed catastrophe in the kitchen.

On the menu: Indian street food, courtesy of expert chef Nisha Katona.

Extra reason to watch: It’s narrated by Mel from Mel and Sue, and we’d happily hear her narrate a programme about bins. This will be much more fun than bins.

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Tuesday 28th February at 10pm on Channel 4 (CH 104) 


Why you should watch: Because this is absolutely, 100%, 10/10 Britain’s best comedy, and it’s back for a new series.

Where are we at?: The most awkward moment in a show full of awkward moments, is where.

What’s happened?: Rob has found apparent evidence that Sharon’s been cheating on him, is what.

Yikes: Yeah, but they’ll get through this. Right? RIGHT?

Best use of the word “cognisant” ever: Speaking of the loss of Carrie Fisher, Sharon Horgan said: “Thank God we were cognisant of the privilege of having her with us, so we always made sure we put our best foot forward whenever we wrote for her.”

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Mike & Molly
Wednesday 1st March at 8.30pm on Comedy Central (CH 132) 


Why you should watch: Prepare for the last ever season of the sitcom that propelled Melissa McCarthy to superstardom.

Info for those late to the party: It’s the touching saga of two plus-sized people who fall in love after meeting at Chicago Overeaters Anonymous.

Sounds… sweet?: Well, it’s a heck of a lot more romantic than swiping on Tinder.

What’s happening: Well, at the moment, Mike and his cop partner are sulking with each other. As only overgrown men-children can sulk.

What will be happening: A prominent character will have a heart attack. In a funny way. Hopefully.

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Wednesday 1st March at 8pm on ITV (CH 103) 


Why you should watch: Slap on the suncream, because we’re off to the Solana hotel for the new series of this cheeky comedy.

What to expect: Japes, capers, bad short-sleeved shirts and the odd fart.

What not to expect: Subtlety, class or anything remotely sophisticated.

Why it’s good: It’s like going on a trashy holiday, but without the expense, hangover or drunken tattoo.

Unlikely thesp alert: Nigel Havers will be showing us his silly side as a dentist.

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Thursday 2nd February at 9pm on Alibi (CH 126) 


Why you should watch: The sexy, glossy, thrilling series about pretty people battling terrorists is back for a new season.

Where are we at?: Our leading lady, Alex Parrish, has just foiled a nuclear attack by a crazed FBI agent.

Why the title is a bit moribund: This season actually leaves Quantico behind, with Alex joining the CIA training facility called The Farm. But “The Farm” probably wouldn’t have made such a good name for a glossy thriller.

Timeline shenanigans alert: As with season one, we’ll be flashing forward and backwards to follow separate timelines.

Awesome British star alert: Our own Russell Tovey joins the cast as a cheeky chappie who may or may not have sinister secrets.

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Prime Suspect 1973
Thursday 2nd March at 9pm on ITV (CH 103) 


Why you should watch: It’s the much-hyped prequel to the classic Helen Mirren police drama.

What’s the gist?: We follow the early years of Jane Tennison, as she deals with even more casual misogyny than the older, Helen Mirren version would.

What’s the crime?: The murder of a girl in Hackney. In the days before Hackney became synonymous with hipsters, food markets and cocktail bars.

What to say: “This promises to be a fascinating look at the origins of an iconic detective.”

What not to say: “So it’s basically Life on Mars without all the Doctor Who-ish stuff, then?”

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Lethal Weapon
Friday 3rd March at 9pm on ITV (CH 103) 


Why you should watch: Because we’re not getting too old for this... stuff.

Why it might actually be great: It’s easy to be cynical about TV show reboots of classic films, but this looks like it has the right emphasis on sass, explosions and yet more sass.

Who’s in it?: Clayne Crawford is Mel Gibson, and Damon Wayans is Danny Glover.

Is it the same dynamic?: Yes, Riggs is still a haunted nut-job, and Murtaugh is still just looking to get home in one piece.

What we most want to see: A reboot of Joe Pesci’s character. If the series gets that far.

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Top Gear
Sunday 5th March at 8pm on BBC Two (CH 102) 


Why you should watch: It’s Top Gear.

Also: It’s got a bit where Matt LeBlanc is in driving a car, in a tuxedo, saying “Ohhh it’s ON.”

Also, also: Chris Evans is gone, which is a good thing. Sorry, Chris.

Is it all pointless now?: Stop moaning, petrolheads. It’s Top Gear.

Unexpected grisly food alert: The new series will also feature our hosts guzzling bits of horse. That’s not how horsepower works, Matt.

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