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11 Warcraft references only gamers will get


When the Warcraft series swept into our lives, it totally wowed us with its sweeping new universe, epic set of characters and awing battle sequences. But did you know that the movie, inspired by the hit video game, is riddled with secret clues? Yup, that’s right. Not content with just adapting the popular franchise, the filmmakers also made sure to include a whole host of easter eggs that only avid fans would notice. In honour of Warcraft: The Beginning arriving on Sky Cinema from Friday 10th March, here are the ones that we managed to spot.


1.  That first scene



The opening sequence of the movie, in which we see an Orc and a human battle  as a voiceover recounts the war between the two groups is reminiscent of the opening scene of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Using a similar set-up in the film is a nice way to situate it in the narrative of the game’s story.


2.  The mailbox


World of Warcraft fans, or WoWers, will know that mailboxes are an integral feature in this world: they allow you to send items across virtual geographical distances to other characters. In the film, you can spot one in city of Stormwind, and to our great delight, it’s been recreated exactly to how it appears in the game platform, down to the last detail.


3.  The sheep spell



The game features a specific spell that involves turning your enemy into a sheep … for about a minute. In the movie, you can spot Khadgar using the Polymorph (as the trick is called) on a guard as he rescues Lothar, to the great joy of all gamers, and great confusion of everybody else.


4.  Levelling up


Whenever a characters moves up a level in Warcraft games, you’ll see a quick animation, involving a circle of light and a specific sound. Towards the end of the movie, you can spot Khadgar levelling up in a similar way as he battles Medivh.


5.  The Lion’s Pride Inn

The Lion’s Pride is the first inn many players visit in the game - and becomes sort of a base. The film recreates it perfectly, right down to the way its tables are positioned.


6.  The harvest golems


Farmers in Warcraft don’t just use simple scarecrows to defend their fields. Oh no. They instead employ creatures called Harvest Golems, who attack any humans who get too close to their property (yeah, it’s pretty ruthless stuff). In the movie, you can see the golems in the backdrop as the Orcs take over Westfall.


7.  The quest board


The film also features Stormwind’s quest board - a place where gamers go to pick up new missions. Avid fans can even zoom in on the posters, who are full of fun references to the universe, from the Darkmoon Faire to the Dwarvish Brewfest.


8.  The summoning stone


A classic mechanic of the game, summoning stones are used to bring members of a party of players together. You can get a glimpse of one in the film, just as Lothar sets out into the forest to stop the Orcs.


9.  The Draenei


The Draenei is a creature unique to the Warcraft of universe - they sort of look like blue elves. They’re never directly referred to as such in the film, but they’re the creatures powering that original portal to from Draenor to Azeroth.


10.  The warlords

One of the latest expansion sets of the game, Warlords of Draenor, centres around seven Orc warlords, most of whom appear in the film. Some are key characters, such as Durotan, Gul’Dan and Blackhand. Others turn up briefly in the backdrop, including Kargath Bladefist, Kilorg Deadeye and Grom Hellscream along with his epic axe, Gorehowl.


11.  The flight into Stormwind


In a cool gesture towards keeping the film’s geography quite close to the game’s, the flight path of Khadgar’s gryphon into Stormwind follows the exact same way players take in the game. And the landscape of the city you glimpse in that scene is exactly as in the gaming original, which is really rather nifty.