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6 facts you need to know about Power Rangers


The Power Rangers are the latest in a long line of 90s fan-beloved action shows to be given a Mighty Morphin’ 21st century revamp.  But whereas other reboots have fallen flat on their faces, the buzz around 2017’s superheroic romp (in cinemas now) is hard to ignore. Whether you were a fan back in 1993 when the TV show (and subsequent movies, spin-offs and legions of action figures) first debuted, or if you’re a newbie intrigued by the colourful, bonkers vibe of the trailer, here is everything you need to know about the new Power Rangers movie.


1.  Go Go Mega Force! 

It’s the third Power Rangers movie to hit the big screen after 1995’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, and 1997’s Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. While there have been many, many TV series since then (Wikipedia counts 17 differently named shows since 1997), 2017’s release is a reboot of the entire series, and not connected to any of its predecessors.

And while there hasn’t been a movie for 20 years, it’s clear fan anticipation is high - the teaser trailer generated over 150m views online in its first 48 hours alone.


2. Source! Mystic Force!


The plot remains primarily the same - five unwitting teenagers find themselves bestowed with the powers of intergalactic space corps The Power Rangers by a wizard in a tube (long story) called Zordon.

They’re each granted crystals that give them superheroic powers, and allow them to call upon giant robotic animal avatars called Zords, which they use to beat the living bejesus out of arch-villain Rita Repulsa.


3. Beast! Spirt Unleash!"   


There are a few key differences to the original series that we’ve already gleaned from the trailers. First up, the Power Rangers’ uniforms have ditched their spandex armour for a part-CGI suit generated from an alien crystal that wraps around their bodies. 

While the Rangers’ Zords are still mightily impressive (and enormous), their enemies look decidedly upgraded too.

Elizabeth Banks will play the WICK-edly talented Adele Daz… we mean, Rita Repulsa, who seems to have retained her taste in high-camp clothing, but looks a darn sight more terrifying and bad-ass than the 90s version.


Her chief henchman Goldar has also metamorphosed from a griffin/dog/human thing to a giant made of actual melting gold, while generic minions The Putty Patrol have upgraded their Stag Do Morph Suits into CG monstrosities made of stone and magic.



4. Ranger Form!


It’s clear from the trailers that attempts are definitely being made to make the Rangers cool, fun and relevant. Not only does it boast a surprisingly grounded, gritty visual style, but the kids all feel like actual individuals - and entertainingly self-aware/snarky/funny ones at that.

The producers have repeatedly quoted iconic teen drama The Breakfast Club (1985) as an influence, as well as Sam Rami’s Spider-Man films.


5. Shift Into Turbo!


While the movie will standalone, we know it’ll definitely be stuffed full of Easter Eggs. Eagle-eyed fans have already spotted a couple in the trailers, including the fact that some Angel Grove street signs read ‘Reefside’ and Ocean Bluff Road’, which are shout-outs to the TV series Power Rangers DinoThunder (set in the town of Reefside) and Power Rangers Jungle Fury (set in the town of Ocean Bluff).

Meanwhile, in Trini’s bedroom, you can spy a circle with a tiger’s head in the window - a cheering nod to the Yellow Ranger’s original Power Coin.



6. May The Power Protect You!


The marvellous Bryan Cranston returns to the series that helped him pay the bills in his early career. Whereas then he was voicing/dubbing smaller characters for the pay cheque, he’s now been elevated to play the giant face in the tube Zordon. 

Fun nerdy Easter Egg - the original Blue Ranger Billy Cranston was named after Bryan. DAW.

Mightu Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is available now on Sky Cinema.

Catch the original Power Rangers TV series on Netflix.