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Movie aliens we would and wouldn’t like to meet


Movies have brought to life all sorts of alien creatures - some beyond our oddest and wildest dreams. And we love to watch them interact with human characters, whether it’s a first encounter, or as a day-to-day exchange in a galaxy far far away. How would things pan out in real life though? Would we really be willing to meet an extraterrestrial being? Arrival is a film all about communication between foreign beings, and it’s now available on Virgin Movies,  so we thought now would be a good occasion to give all this some serious thought. Here are the interplanetary movie stars we would and definitely wouldn’t be willing to meet.


Would chill anytime with...

The Heptapods, Arrival (2016)


Sure, the Heptapods come across as more than a little creepy - and they don’t have the easiest language to understand. But Arrival is all about overcoming appearances, and it turns out that once you get to know them, the alien group is actually rather admirable. And it so happens that they have quite a lot to teach the world, though you’ll have to watch the movie to find out what.

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E.T., E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)


An alien that’s pretty much a living and breathing plush toy? Count us in. ET is adorable, friendly and revives dead plants. What more could you ask for? We without hesitation would love to count him among our friends. Plus, we bet that he’d be brilliant to have along on a cycling holiday.

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Superman, Man of Steel (2013)


The Krypton native would likely be too busy saving Metropolis and fending off grumpy Batman to hang out, but we’d be happy to chat to him anytime, about anything. What’s his workout regime? How does he do the flying thing exactly? Isn’t that cape cumbersome?  Seriously. Anything.

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The Na’Vi, Avatar (2009)


The blue inhabitants of Pandora have an intriguing connection to nature, and we’d love to learn more about their way of life. That is if they could, ahem, ever trust us humans again.


Frank the Pug, Men in Black (1997)


An alien in dog form, Frank is both sweet and hilarious, and we bet he’d be a hoot to spend time with. Also, he’d likely tell us the dish about what it’s like to work with the MiB – though we’d have to get him to  promise not to neuralyze us straight afterwards.


Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


All right, so Guardians of the Galaxy is brimful of aliens that we’d love to meet, but none more than Groot. The anthropomorphic tree is fun and wisdom all rolled in one, and if we ever learned how to interpret "I am Groot", we’d love to spend some time hanging out.


Would run away instantly from...

The Aliens/ Xenomorph X121 , Alien series (1979 - )


The Aliens are smart, but they’re also terrifying and antagonistic, and they use humans as hosts to grow into. After 7 films, we’re still not rallied to their cause, even after watching them battle fiercely against Predators. So here’s to hoping that they’ll never cross our path.

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The aliens, Independence Day (1996)


The Independence Day aliens go from planet to planet exterminating civilisations and draining them of their natural resources. They also have the power to control and speak through other bodies. So that’s us taking a hard pass on that meet-up.

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The woman, Under the Skin (2013)


Part of us would love to speak to the woman to find out where she came from and how she feels about Earth and her life in human form. But, um, she’s terrifying. Really terrifying. As in, she lives off the bodies of men, whom she lures into a dark gooey substance in order to murder them. Brr.

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The Martians, Mars Attack (1996)


The Martians may be amusing to some degree, but they’re also entirely cruel and violent. Sure, their invasion of Earth almost nearly succeeds, so they can’t be as silly as they look, but we’d really rather prefer to never have to deal with them at all, thank you very much.


The aliens, War of the Worlds (2005)


In War of the Worlds, the aliens and their Tripod weapons mercilessly attack and destroy people – and they have shields that are resistant to our weapons. Not really an ideal scenario for a fruitful exchange. Oh, and did we mention that they sustain themselves by harvesting human bodies?


Jabba the Hutt, Star Wars:Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983)


The Tatooine gangster lord is plain evil, and we really wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him without at least a Jedi or two around. Plus, let’s face it, we’ve never forgiven him for kidnapping Leia and freezing Han.

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