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TV would-be couples we’re currently shipping


One of our favourite things to do when watching a show is making wild guesses as to how the relationships will progress. Will they get together? Who’ll end up with who? Why can’t everyone just be happy?

We take shipping very seriously, and we’ve got all of our arguments lined up as to why our favourite characters would be perfect for each other, if only those TV execs would listen. Here are the couples in on-going shows that we most want to see get together – do you agree?


Alex and Ulysses (Hooten and the Lady)


Sure, the premise of Hooten and the Lady was all about how its two titular characters were going to be friends and colleagues, rather than romantic partners. Even the showrunners said so, professing that the pair would never become an item. And at the end of the first season, Ulysses drops off Alex at her wedding, persuading her to go through with it. But see, she’s already HESITATING. We all know that the adventuring, bickering duo are made for each other, and we’re hoping it’s just a matter of time until they figure it out.

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Sherlock and Watson (Sherlock)


The hit show has been awkwardly side-stepping this possibility for years, and we say enough. The widowed Watson is bound to realise, in the midst of his grief, that his one true love is a certain consulting detective. And how else to interpret Sherlock’s best man speech but as a subtle declaration of his feelings - all the while nobly respecting Watson’s? The two argue like an old married couple and seem decided to devote their lives to each other. It’s simply meant to be, and the show needs to catch up.

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Donna and Harvey (Suits)


Donna and Harvey have a complex dynamic, built on mutual respect and years of majorly bossing the legal profession. The two have confessed at various point in the series to loving each other - though usually with the caveat of ‘oh, but not that way’. Yeah, right. They both are bizarrely protective of each other’s love lives and pretty much totally co-dependent. We say that is one solid couple in the making.

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Matt and Karen (Daredevil)


Matt and Karen sort of started dating in the second season of Daredevil, only for it to fall apart when Matt’s long unexplained absences caused tension in the couple. Now that the hero has revealed his super-secret identity, will they manage to patch things up? We say yes. Given their courage, smarts and mutual stubbornness they’d be an adorable, city-saving, pair.

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OA and Homer (The OA)


OA and Homer are clearly enamoured, though due to obvious circumstances, it’s been impossible for them to be in a proper relationship. (We’re gonna go ahead and believe in the existence of Homer, btw). We can’t wait to see them together in a different setting - and we’re convinced that the two would make a sweet, wise, couple in whichever dimension they decide to settle in.

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Kala and Wolfgang (Sense8)


Sense8 has cruelly been shredding our hearts to pieces with Kala and Wolfgang’s unresolved romance. The two Sensates clearly have the feels for each other, but the show keeps pulling them apart in all sorts of awful directions. Wolfgang is caught up in gang wars in Berlin, all the while Kala is gently pressured into marrying someone she doesn’t love. The two need to get their stuff together already.

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Rory Gilmore and someone new please (Gilmore Girls)


Debate has run rife for years on which of Rory’s love interests suits her best. Dean, Jeff or Logan? Here’s our controversial take: all three gentlemen are thoroughly annoying, and Rory needs to get out there and meet someone new, presto. There’s no rule that says that you have to end up with your high school/college boyfriend, after all. We’d like to see the youngest Gilmore give Tinder a serious try and see whether she can find someone finally deserving of her affection.

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Belle and Will Scarlet (Once Upon a Time)


Belle has been continuously deceived by her husband Rumplestiltskin for several seasons now, and she needs to get out of that marriage, ASAP. We kinda liked it when she was dating Will Scarlet, who seemed to be making her a lot happier. Sadly she broke things off when she started feeling sorry for her deadbeat hubby, and the eligible bachelor disappeared off the OUAT stage. Could he please, please come back?

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Carol and Ezekiel (The Walking Dead)


TWD shippers had long been hoping for a Carol-Daryl pair… that is, until Ezekiel marched onto the scene. The Kingdom leader and Carol seem to have made a connection during her stay in his settlement, and we think the two tough cookies would do wonderfully together. Plus, as TWD seems to have a knack for methodically destroying happy couples, we kinda need another pair to ship, to cheer things up a little.  

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