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6 other news story biopics we'd like to see


When it comes to incredible news items, it's hard to beat the story of Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger performing an emergency landing of a plane in New York's Hudson River, with all 155 passengers and crew surviving the ordeal. It's a jaw-dropping story of incredible heroism, not to mention courage and level-headedness under extraordinary circumstances, so it's no surprise that Hollywood duly came calling. With Clint Eastwood's Sully: Miracle on the Hudson now available on Virgin Movies, we take a look at seven other amazing news stories we'd like to see turned into movies.


1.  Baggage handler John Smeaton attacks terrorist during Glasgow International Airport Attack


The news story

In 2007, two terrorists drove a Jeep loaded with propane gas cannisters into the doors of Glasgow International Airport, causing a fire. Along with a number of other by-standers, baggage handler John Smeaton attacked the terrorists as they attempted to flee the scene, apparently managing to kick one of them in the testicles. Smeaton was hailed a hero for his actions and celebrated in the press, not least because of his propensity for a colourful soundbite, such as “This is Glasgow – we'll set about ye”.

The movie: Smeaton

Peter Mullan stars as Smeaton, an ordinary man whose life changes in unusual ways as a result of his heroic actions. The film details the bizarre aftermath of the incident, in which other present-at-the-scene heroes accused Smeaton of exaggerating his version, only for the eventual CCTV footage to back up Smeaton's account. There's even an unexpected third act, where Smeaton becomes a newspaper columnist, suffers a near-fatal asthma attack and later stands as an independent candidate in the 2009 Glasgow North East by-election.


2.  Lady puts cat in bin


The news story

In October 2010, 45 year old, respectable, apparently cat-loving Mary Bale received widespread vilification and was eventually fined £250 in court after CCTV footage emerged of her picking up a neighbourhood cat, dropping it into a wheelie bin and closing the lid.

The movie: Cat Bin Lady

Emily Watson plays Bale, an ordinary woman who suddenly finds herself the object of public hatred after experiencing a moment of madness. After a chilling second act detailing the vehement public response (including multiple death threats), the film becomes a heart-warming story of redemption, as Bale attempts to earn the forgiveness of her former friends and neighbours.


3.  Angry goat trapped on roof “only respects one man”


The news story

In 2013, an angry goat named Josey somehow got itself onto the roof of a suburban house in Gresham, Oregon. When police arrived, the goat became extremely angry and refused to let anyone attempt to rescue it, with neighbours telling police that the goat would charge them and that it “only respects one man”. Sure enough, when the goat's owner returned, the animal came down from the roof

The film: Get Your Goat

Samuel L Jackson stars as the goat whisperer, a misanthropic character who prefers the company of animals to humans. A tentative romance ensues when a local reporter (Taraji P. Henson) tries to get to know the goat whisperer for a follow-up story, leading to flashbacks that detail how he earned Josey's respect in the first place.


4. Guy who was interviewed on BBC by mistake


The news story

In 2006, business studies graduate Guy Goma was accidentally interviewed on BBC News 24, on a subject he knew nothing about, after a producer mistook him for technology expert Guy Kewney, who was waiting in a different reception area. Guy's visible panic and subsequent attempt to style it out endeared him to viral video watchers everywhere.

The movie: Guy Meets Guy

Daniel Kaluuya stars as happy-go-lucky Guy Goma, who becomes unexpectedly famous after the BBC's blunder. David Thewlis co-stars as Guy Kewney, whose interview was filmed after the BBC discovered their mistake, but never broadcast. The film follows both men, imagining opposite trajectories, Goma gaining fortune and popularity and Kewney falling into a spiral of anger and depression. However, a chance meeting (reflecting their real-life meeting, years later) leads to the two men forming a touching friendship.


5. London Zoo love triangle ends in violence


The news story

In 2015, London Zoo meerkat keeper Caroline Westlake attacked monkey handler Kate Sanders with a wine glass at a party, in a love spat over llama-keeper Adam Davies. She was later ordered to pay compensation.

The movie: Animal Passions

An intense love story, full of intrigue, betrayal and violence unfolds against the cutest back-drop imaginable. Emily Blunt, Emma Watson and Matt Smith play the star-crossed lovers. Film becomes famous for employing the highest number of animal wranglers on a single production.


6.  Adorable children crash BBC interview live on air


The news story

An expert on Korean politics, Professor Robert Kelly was giving a live BBC interview on the impeachment of South Korea's president, when his adorable four year-old daughter Marion entered the room in her inimitable style, swiftly followed by a baby in a baby-stroller and Kelly's visibly panicked wife Jung-a Kim, who frantically hustled the two children out of the room.

The movie: Kelly & Kim

A hilarious, heart-warming family comedy in which Kelly (Martin Freeman) and Kim (Doona Bae) get into all manner of amusing scrapes as a result of the actions of their adorable, but unpredictable children. After the viral video makes the family famous, they're offered the chance to become reality TV stars.