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Find a Hidden Gem on Virgin Movies this April


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Spring has finally sprung, the clocks have changed, and we are flying head-first into summer blockbuster season! Trailers for trailers, online teases, and actual trailers are coming at us every day now – it’s an exciting time to be a movie fan. But while we await the shiny new releases, spare a thought for the smaller, lesser known movies that often get lost amongst the noise. Yep, we’re talking about the hidden gems, and on that note, here are ten of the best on Virgin Movies this April…


Seoul Station

Remember recent hidden gem Train To Busan? You know, the Korean zombies-on-a-train movie? OK, well this is the animated prequel from the same director! So yes there’s more undead train related mayhem, but this time it’s delivered via the medium of gorgeous animation. 

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We Don’t Belong Here

Part indie drama, part indie thriller, We Don’t Belong Here boasts a very impressive cast list that includes Catherine Keener, Riley Keough, Maya Rudolph, and the late Anton Yelchin in one of his very last roles.

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After many decades, a stream of iconic roles, several questionable movies, and even a stint as the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still a name that makes people sit up and take notice. While not a bona fide classic, Aftermath is an intriguing, original film that delivers suspense and solid performances from all involved. But again, come on, it’s Arnie!

Aftermath is available on Virgin Movies from 7th April


The Void

Original horror films are a very rare thing these days. And horror films featuring old-school style practical effects are even rarer. So when a film like The Void comes along, a film which pays its respect to classic horror flicks of the past such as Carpenter’s The Thing, movie fans tend to get excited. And in the case of this one, for good reason.

The Void is available on Virgin Movies from 7th April


Swiss Army Man

Daniel Radcliffe plays a corpse for the entire movie. Okay, bear with us here. After Paul Dano becomes stranded on a deserted island, a corpse washes up on the beach, which after befriending, Dano uses for various practical tasks, and it ends up saving his life. Yes it does sound insane, but the movie is genuinely funny, moving and oddly engaging.

Swiss Army Man is available on Virgin Movies from 10th April


The Confirmation

Another hidden gem, another all-star cast! Clive Owen plays a down-on-his-luck father who goes on a quest to find a stolen toolbox with his son. Maria Bello, Patton Oswalt and Matthew Modine ably support in this funny, and at times moving character-based story.

The Confirmation is available on Virgin Movies from 14th April


The Birth Of A Nation

Premiering at Sundance, perhaps the hidden gem’s most natural habitat, The Birth Of A Nation centres on an enslaved preacher (played by Nate Parker) who plots an uprising. Harrowing, moving, and at times inspirational, this one deserves a much larger audience than its theatrical release allowed.

The Birth Of A Nation is available on Virgin Movies from 17th April


It’s Only The End Of The World

Winner of the prestigious Grand Prix award at the Cannes Festival, and starring the always dependable Vincent Cassel and Marion Cotillard, this French drama has all the ingredients necessary for a classic hidden gem.

It's Only The End Of The World is available on Virgin Movies from 24th April



Cops, mystery and nail-biting tension is what Transpecos is all about. With an internationally ambiguous plot surrounding three border control agents who make a shocking discovery, this little known indie hits all the right marks. And the less you know about the plot the better.

Transpecos is available on Virgin Movies from 24th April