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Guardians Of The Galaxy gifs for everyday use


Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 is about to hit cinemas, and we literally could not be any more excited. If we’re not using ‘I AM GROOT’ to reply to every work email, then we’re blasting out the soundtrack and watching the Volume 2 trailers on a loop.

The trailers are already so full of Tumblr-inflaming gif-able moments that we have no doubts the movie will be anything but awesome.

Which is where these handy Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 gifs will come in handy. Whether you’ve just seen the movie and want to express your joy in gif-able form, or you just need a hilarious, brilliant and sassy gif for your everyday repartee, please feel free to pinch from the below.


1.  Make amends with a great big hole


What’s Happening? Rocket Raccoon (with a little help from Baby Groot) have just blasted a hole through something/one they really shouldn’t have.

When To Use It IRL: When you’ve screwed up big time at work/with your significant other and realise you’re going to have charm your way through it. Smiling your way through the dramz comes as standard. Throwing in added adorability with a raccoon and a sentient tree is only going to help your cause.


2.  In case of emergency, like say, a nuclear war...


What’s Happening? Baby Groot is precariously close to hitting a button that will detonate a wealth of extraterrestrial explosives, and murderise not only their enemies, but likely themselves too.

When To Use It IRL: Whenever Donald Trump goes on a Twitter spree ranting about firing missiles at all and sundry. If you want to go for added facepalming exasperation, these will also work in the aforementioned nuclear war-flirting lunacy (or any number of Twitter-based impending doom meltdowns).



3.  *Waves*


What’s Happening? The team have been recruited by the nefarious High Priestess Ayesha to murder an intergalactic octopus called the Abilisk in exchange for handing over the team’s nemesis Nebula. Baby Groot has decided to wave his affection over to Nebula in the middle of a flarking* firefight.

When To Use It IRL: When you’re at work/in the middle of a personal crisis, and your friends won’t stop badgering you on the group chat. Fling this their way to say ‘THAT’S VERY NICE BUT I NEED YOU TO BE QUIET AND LET ME FOCUS NOW PLEASE’.

*What’s flarking you ask? This is a really super-nerdy reference to the comics, as it’s one of Rocket’s favourite made-up exclamations.


4.  You ready for this?


What’s Happening? Peter Quill rallies the troops to attack the aforementioned space octopus (we really never tire of writing that), and voices a distinctly Guardians-esque spin on the Avengers’ ‘Assemble’ battlecry.

When To Use It IRL: When you and your friends are finally ready to go out and hit the bar/club after hours of getting ready. Can also be used if you want to rally your significant other/children/pets if you’re a particularly expletive-happy family.


5.  U OK hun?


What’s Happening? Drax is attempting to give Peter Quill some advice of the heart. Except, in typical Drax fashion, it doesn’t quite come out as intended. “You need to find a woman who is pathetic, like you. Do you need a hug?”

When To Use It IRL: At any time of the day, to anyone you love. Hugs FTW.


6.  When saying "thank you" isn't enough


What’s Happening? Baby Groot is amazed and awed in equal measure.

When To Use It IRL: When someone does something truly altruistic or kind, and you least suspect it (i.e., they give you their last Rolo, or pay for your beer after a long day at work).


7.  Intergalactic bants


What’s Happening? The Guardians have just had their ship the Milano shot down, and they find themselves stranded on an alien woodland planet. Drax is rather annoyed by the turn of events. 

When To Use It IRL: Ok, unless you’re regularly abducted by probe-happy extraterrestrials, there’s probably not a huge amount of ways you can use this in everyday parlance. But, hey, it’s a pretty wonderful gif.