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Quiz: Which Star Wars robot are you?


Have you ever sat down to watch a Star Wars movie and wondered which droid most represents your personality? Well, you're about to discover the answer to that very question with our handy dandy 'Which Star Wars robot are you?' quiz, created to celebrate the arrival of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Virgin Movies. Just answer the following questions (truthfully now, a droid is nothing if not scrupulously honest) and tot up your answers at the end. May the force be with you!

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1.  A beautiful princess wants you to deliver a secret message to an old man on a desert planet. Do you:


A) Immediately agree. You're always happy to help a space princess in distress.

B) Complain vociferously. All that sand is going to play havoc with your nuts and bolts.

C) Squeal delightedly and spin around until you feel dizzy.

D) Refuse. This star cruiser isn't going to fix itself, lady. Can't you see I'm busy?

E) Look extremely panicked and then explode.


2.  Your human companions head into a dodgy-looking bar. Do you:


A) Follow them in. You never know who might need help in there.

B) Express reservations because of the unsavoury clientèle but eventually go inside, in the hopes of hearing some smooth jazz.

C) Do a quick whizz round the immediate area, because you never know when you might be walking into a trap.

D) Go in ahead of them and secure a table with your intimidating manner. Frankly, it's been a long week and you could use a few robo-ales.

E) Bang into the door on the way in. And then explode.


3.  What's your preferred method of transport?


A) X-wing fighter. Preferably in the bit up the front, so you can navigate.

B) Naboo Royal Starship. You like a bit of luxury.

C) Landspeeder. Anything with a bit of zip to it, really.

D) U-Wing. Preferably something you can tinker with in your spare time.

E) Sandcrawler. It's what you're used to and it's about your speed.


4.  A man in a cloak asks you the way to Mos Eisley. Do you:


A) Emit a series of reassuring beeps and start leading the way. You've got this.

B) Tell the man that you've heard Mos Eisley is a wretched hive of scum and villainy and that he'd really be better off going somewhere else.

C) Get very excited and zip off in the right direction, accidentally leaving the man behind.

D) Stare at the man blankly for a second before replying, “What do I look like, a signpost? Wait, don't answer that...”

E) Look a bit nervous and set off in the wrong direction. And then explode.


5.  What do you like to do in your free time?


A) Explore new places, It always helps to know your way around.

B) Give yourself a nice polish. You never know when Royalty might be dropping in.

C) Go scavenging. You're not entirely sure what it means, but you've got a sneaking suspicion you'd be really good at it.

D) Download some statistics. Everyone loves statistics.

E) Stay very still and concentrate on not exploding.


6.  Your human friend is throwing a party. Where are you most likely to be?


A) Helping out with the lighting on the dancefloor. You love a bit of atmosphere.

B) Serving drinks and making sure everyone's having a good time.

C) Doing cannonballs into the open-air swimming pool. Wheeeee!

D) Getting very drunk at the bar, secretly hoping that your sarcastic comments get you into a fight.

E) Helping out with the firework display by going outside and exploding.


7.  Whose company do you enjoy the most?


A) Your neurotic best friend. After all, someone's got to look after him.

B) Humans. They're just so refreshingly civilised. Most of the time.

C) This cool chick you met in the desert. There's never a dull moment when she's around.

D) Mostly your own, but if pushed, your slightly dim-witted buddy. He thinks you're his sidekick, but you know it's really the other way round.

E) Jawas. They might seem a bit scary at first, but they're actually quite nice when you get to know them.


8.  Your human friends head out on a mission without you. Do you: 


A) Get really annoyed. Who's going to get them out of trouble when they fall into a trash compactor, eh? Who?

B) Breathe a sigh of relief. There's already been quite enough excitement around here for one day.

C) Zip ahead of them and stow away on their ship. They probably meant to take you with them anyway.

D) Do a robo-shrug and go back to your game of holographic chess.

E) Try to follow them anyway, but topple over after hitting a small-ish rock. And then explode.


9.  What's your fancy dress costume of choice?


A) Ewok.

B) Tusken Raider.

C) Baby Tauntaun. 

D) Wookiee.

E) Jawa.


10. You receive a medal at a prestigious ceremony. What's going through your robot mind?


A) “No, really, I was happy to help. That thing with the trash compactor? Please. Anyone in my position would have done the same thing...”

B) “This is a lot of fuss about nothing. Also, that medal really doesn't go with my colouring.”

C) “Woooo! I got a medal! I got a medal! Look at my shiny medal!”

D) “I wonder how much I can get for this at Watto's?”

E) “There must be some mistake, surely? I think you may have confused me with another robot.”


How did you do?

Mostly As: You are R2-D2


Resourceful in a crisis, highly adaptable and always ready to help a friend in need. If the day needs saving, you're the one everyone turns to.


Mostly Bs: You are C-3PO. 


A born communicator and an expert on ethics, but also something of a buzzkill. You like things done a certain way and you don't mind who knows it.


Mostly Cs: You are BB-8


Boy, are you excitable! Your bouncy energy and perpetual optimism make you a lot of fun to be around, if occasionally a little exhausting. One thing's for certain, you really know how to roll.


Mostly Ds: You are K-2SO


You're quick-witted and practical, but also irascible, easily-affronted and frequently impatient. You're always ready with a sarcastic put-down and you don't really work well with others, but when the chips are down, you can be counted on to do the right thing.


Mostly Es: You are R5-D4.


Oh dear. Life hasn't been easy for you, has it? You're something of a walking disaster area, always either tripping over things or bumping into them. As a result, you're extremely insecure and pathetically grateful for a bit of attention, but you have a tendency to go to pieces under pressure.