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What to watch this week


A certain police box will be re-materialising on our screens, while a much-loved US drama will be making a sudden return.

Prison Break
Monday 10th April at 9pm on FOX (CH 157) 


Why you should watch: Grab the shovels and chisels, because it’s Prison Breakin’ time!

Wait, didn’t this end years ago?: Yep, but now it’s back for a surprise fifth season, which is rather exciting.

Wait, didn’t one of the brothers die?: We thought so, but it looks like he’s pulling a Lazarus on us.

How? How?: Shhh. No spoilers. Just strap yourself in for a tale of shocking returns, high-tech terrorists, and cyborg hands.

Inevitable best bit: Anytime scheming, lizard-like T-Bag enters a room.

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Peter Kay’s Car Share
Tuesday 11th April at 9pm on BBC One (CH 101)


Why you should watch: Peter Kay, the nation’s foremost comedy icon (apart from perhaps the Chuckle Brothers) is back to take us on a spin again.

What’s the gist?: Well, the first series saw Peter Kay and Sian Gibson play two supermarket employees sharing a car to work.

Earth-shattering shock alert: One of them is now getting the bus!

Noooooo!: Don’t worry, we’re sure they’ll still somehow bicker and gossip and listen to naff radio tunes, as per usual.

Unlikely rock star cameo of the week: Look out for Elbow singer Guy Garvey, for some bizarre reason.

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The Olivier Awards
Tuesday 11th April at 8pm on ITV (CH 103)


Why you should watch: It’s the swankiest night in Theatreland, as stage stars line up for their gongs.

Who’s the host?: Miraculously, it’s not Stephen Fry. Take a bow, Jason Manford!

Luvvies to look for: Everyone from Ian McKellen to Tom Hollander to Glenda Jackson to the king of the thesps himself, Kenneth Branagh.

Is it all Shakespeare ‘n’ that?: Not at all – Gary Barlow will be performing, for one thing.

Rock on: Keep watching for the School of Rock number, which will raise the roof.

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Bates Motel
Tuesday 11th April at 9pm on Universal (CH 137)


Why you should watch: TV’s ultimate mummy’s boy is back, for the last ever season of this deliciously dark prequel to Psycho.

Why it’ll be awesome: This is the season where we move into full Psycho territory, as the show finally catches up with the events in Hitchcock’s original movie.

Who’ll be taking a shower?: In a bit of daring stunt casting, pop icon Rihanna will be taking the iconic Janet Leigh role.

What to say: “Like Hannibal, this series has utterly reinvented a classic film which once seemed untouchable.”

What not to say: “You’d have to be a complete PSYCHO to miss it.”

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Better Call Saul
Tuesday 11th April on Netflix


Why you should watch: Because this might well be the single best drama on telly right now.

Where are we at?: The Breaking Bad prequel is now into its third season, with our favourite shyster lawyer about to face his biggest crisis yet.

Cliffhanger reminder: The last season ended with Jimmy’s bitter, estranged brother getting definitive proof that he’s broken the law. Uh oh.

Will he “break bad”?: Odds are this season will see Jimmy embrace his Saul Goodman persona.

Best watched with: A pair of shades, if he starts wearing his day-glow Saul suits.

Better Call Saul is available to watch from Tuesday 11th April on Netflix

Thursday 13th April at 10pm on BBC Four (CH 107)


Why you should watch: Miriam Margolyes playing an OAP running rampant? Sign us up.

What’s the gist?: Miriam plays Mim, who’s turned 70 and wants to tick off items on her bucket list before she, um, kicks the bucket.

First up: Norfolk’s answer to Disneyland.

Best line regarding Norfolk’s answer to Disneyland: “What the hell was the question?”

Be warned: Mim’s car may suddenly inspire you to buy lots and lots of beads, plushies and dangling ornaments.

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Thursday 13th April at 10.30pm on FOX (CH 157)


Why you should watch: Because who wouldn’t want to see Zack Galifianakis playing a depressed clown?

A real clown?: Yep, Zack plays a failed professional clown who moves from Paris to California. He also plays his own twin brother, by the way.

Best casting ever?: Nobody, but nobody, can play a bitter/hilarious sad sack like Galifianakis.

Impressive pedigree alert: The show has been co-created by the maestro of male crisis comedy, Louis CK.

Watch if you like: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Louis, and anything that’ll make you laugh at the terrible absurdity of life.

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Thursday 13th April at 9pm on Sky Living (CH 112)


Why you should watch: The super-sleek and super-entertaining crime thriller returns from its mid-season break.

Grandest episode title ever: It’s called “Evil Did I Dwell, Lewd Did I Live”.

What to expect: More revelations about the ominous Sandstorm group. And lots and lots of deaths.

Open wide: There’s also a curious incident involving a tooth.

Watch if you like: Kick-ass women with awesome tattoos.

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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return
Friday 14th April on Netflix


Why you should watch: One of the coolest, weirdest cult comedies of the 90s is back, and it’ll be out of this world.

What’s the gist?: A man trapped in space with a couple of wise-cracking robots provides witty commentary on naff old B-movies.

In other words: It’s kind of like a bizarre sci-fi version of Gogglebox.

Why it’s important: The original version of the show perfectly predicted our current age of Twitter snark-fests and spoof YouTube videos.

Best watched with: An Everest-like pile of popcorn. You won’t want to move from the sofa for hours.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return is available to watch from Friday 14th April on Netflix

Doctor Who
Saturday 15th April at 7.20pm on BBC One (CH 101)


Why you should watch: It’s the new series of Doctor Who, do we really need to sell this?

Sell it to me: Oh OK. After WAY too long away, Peter Capaldi returns for his last stint as the Time Lord, and there’s a new face in the Tardis.

Going Potty: Behold, Bill Potts, the new companion played by Pearl Mackie, who should be an absolute hoot.

What to say: “He’s back, and it’s about time.”

What not to say: “Who’s the next Doctor gonna be?” (Capaldi is STILL here, people.)

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