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Get the lowdown on Rosewood season 2


Rosewood is back on our small screens for its second season, and it’s a real delight to have the cheerful doctor and his winning optimism back for more new adventures. We’ve got plenty of rumours and gossip to share about these upcoming episodes, but first, let’s take a look at where we left things off with the team at Miami PD.

If you’ve missed the show up until now, fear not. We’ve got all that you need here to catch up.

Help! What’s Rosewood?


Here’s the pitch: Rosewood is Miami’s best private pathologist, who works as a consultant for the police. He’s got a knack for noticing details that many of the officers miss out on, earning both their admiration and ire. And it’s all apparently due to his unusual attitude to life. Condemned to die in the next decade due to an incurable heart condition, the doctor has determined to embrace every moment to the fullest.

A case forces him to partner up with no-nonsense Detective Annalise Villa, who, unfortunately for Rosie, isn’t taken in by his charm. The two however end up making a brilliant team, and continue working together on a whole bunch of cases around Miami.

Is the show any good?


You bet! The cases are intricate and gripping, like you’d expect from any great police procedural. The Miami backdrop is a fun peek into a life of sea, sun, and glamour. It also allows the show to have things like baddies sporting all-white suits, which we think is sort of amazing.

Plus, the dynamic between Rosie and Villa is pretty hilarious (and we mean, giffable hilarious). The show also boasts some rather endearing supporting characters, from Rosewood’s sister Pippy, to the beleaguered Captain Hornstock. 

Okay. So what’s going on now?


We had all sorts of heartbreak at the end of season 1. For starters, Rosewood finally (finally!) got a date with Villa. We’d been keeping our fingers tightly crossed for the whole of the first season for the two to get together.

Unfortunately, our hero fudged things up pretty quickly. Unwilling to let his curiosity rest, Rosewood looks into the year-old death of Villa’s husband, Eddie. He shares, during said date, his suspicion that dead Ed was in fact murdered. Needless to say, Villa is upset in all sorts of ways, and tells him to get out of her life. So yay for the new crime intrigue. But also romance is dead.


Speaking of romance - or lack thereof - Pippy and her fiancée Tara (also known as TMI) are at an impasse. The two work at Rosewood’s practice, Magic City Lab. Their on-and-off relationship comes to a definite end when Tara panics at the sight of a wedding dress. To make matters worse, Pippy also leaves the lab so that she and her ex don’t have to keep awkwardly working together.

While investigating the last case of the season, Captain Hornstock gets blackmailed and chooses to hand in his resignation and evidence of his crime (beating up a suspect who’d harmed a child) rather than give in.

At least things are looking up for Rosewood’s mum, Donna (who also pitches in at the lab). We find out that the mysterious new man in her life …  is a convict. Gasp.

Any season 2 rumours?

Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of rumours to keep us going until the start of this new season.  Word is that the team is getting a new Captain who goes by the name of Ryan Slade. We’ve been tantalisingly promised that Slade is going to have a mysterious past of his own.

It’s also looking like the second season’s main arc will be the investigation into Eddie’s death, which we’re hoping means that Rosewood and Villa will have a prompt reconciliation. There’s going to be some episodes set in New York as the characters investigate the murder where it took place.

And phew! Hornstock is sticking around as a Junior Detective. We were worried for a while that he might be leaving the show. And call us stubborn, but we’re still shipping Pippy and TMI. Will they manage to figure things out? What we do know for sure is that now out of her old job, Pippy will be pursuing her dream of becoming a singer. While perusing previews, we may or may not have had a glimpse of a wedding conversation - which we’re going to take as promising.

Watch Rosewood. Find episode 1 right now in Catch Up > Channels > alibi, then tune into season 2 from Tuesday 9 May, 8pm, alibi/HD (CH 126/200)