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Metro: Exodus trailer & release dateby Matthew Byrd


The next entry into the Metro franchise debuted during Microsoft's E3 event. Here's the trailer...

Microsoft kicked off their block of game reveals with the stunning announcement of a new Metro title. 

Here is the official reveal trailer for Metro Exodus

We're still waiting to learn a little more about Metro Exodus, but we can tell you for sure that the game is being developed by 4A Games (the studio behind the previous Metro titles) and is currently slated for a 2018 release date. Also, we're going to assume that this will be a multi-platform game as Microsoft did not suggest otherwise during the reveal of this sequel. 

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not go into details regarding what this latest Metro adventure has in store. Even the game's trailer is a source of debate as it was described as an in-engine render, but seemed to be designed to replicate the actual gameplay. Given the power of the Xbox One X, it's possible the footage is not far off from what the final product will look like. 

However, those familiar with the Metro franchise can likely connect the few dots contained within the reveal footage. Much like the previous Metro games, this one appears to contain a mix of subterranean and overworld exploration gameplay spiced up a bit by the inclusion of challenging combat. As for the timeline, this appears to be a sequel to the previous titles, but that is largely based on the degenerative nature of the universe rather than any specific plot points. 

Otherwise, this title appears to share many of the gameplay and environmental aspects that make the Metro franchise so unique. If anything, there may be a slightly stronger emphasis on creature combat over human encounters (if the footage shown is any indication, at least) but we'll wait until more of the game is revealed before making too many assumptions. 


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