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Telly highlights of the week


Thanks to 12 Monkeys, we’ll never think of World War One in the same way again. Here’s more on that and other awesome moments from TV-land this week.

Sean Bean became a man of the cloth (Broken)


Think “Sean Bean” and you’ll imagine a rogue spy, or dashing Napoleonic soldier, sword-wielding warrior, or all-around scary killer man. But a priest? Oh yes. And his new heartbreaking drama Broken is already one of the best shows of the year.

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World War One got real weird (12 Monkeys)

Syfy gave us a three-night 12 Monkeys-a-thon, which was funny, frightening and just plain crazy in equal measure. Case in point, this wacked-out WW1 scene which will probably be remembered as THE iconic moment from the entire show.

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Zach had a sort of breakdown (Baskets)


If you’re not watching Baskets, you really should. It’s a Curb Your Enthusiasm-type story, with Zach Galifianakis playing a sad clown. He also plays the sad clown’s twin brother, who in the latest episode was having a really… REALLY bad day.

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A superhero saga had its big season finale (The Flash)


So, here’s the Flash getting massively punched in the face. Because it’s not a season finale unless your hero is in serious danger of losing his pretty boy good looks.

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An adorable couple and their kid made us go “aww” (Nate & Jeremiah By Design)


Who are Nate and Jeremiah? Celebrity interior designers, who are also a couple with a little girl, and are all so darn sweet, you get toothache just by looking at them.

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Our pre-summer diets went to pot (Patricia Heaton Parties)

Did you know Ray’s wife from Everybody Loves Raymond now has her own cooking show where she makes all kinds of filthy-delicious food? Because she does.

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We were captivated by a daring drama (The Handmaid’s Tale)

handmaids tale.gif

And finally, everyone’s been talking about The Handmaid’s Tale, a ravishing dystopian tale of a future America where women are subjugated by a far-right government. It could never happen, right?

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