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What to watch on Netflix this month


Scan Netflix this month and you’ll see such a wide-ranging schedule that you may start to fret. When will you have time to watch all these shows? Is it acceptable to cancel seeing friends because there’s a new original kicking off on Netflix? The answer is yes – when there’s a line-up of movies, documentaries and beautifully made TV shows this strong, it’s totally acceptable. Even better, invite your mates round and they can watch, too. Here’s what to look out for…


Find Flaked seasons 1-2 on Netflix now

In a nutshell: This dry comedy drama, starring Will Arnett (Arrested Development), is back with six new episodes. If you haven’t seen it, Flaked tells the story of a recovering alcoholic who has burned bridges in his Californian community.

How much time? You can get through both seasons in eight hours, which is a lazy Sunday well spent.

You’ll like this if you like… Arnett’s other cult comedies like BoJack Horseman and 30 Rock.

El Chapo


Find El Chapo on Netflix now

In a nutshell: A true story which flips between real news footage and dramatisation, El Chapo is a Spanish-language show that charts the tale of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, Mexico’s most infamous drug trafficker.

How much time? Got time for seven episodes? Of course you have!

You’ll like this if you like… The gritty (and real) storytelling of Narcos.

Shimmer Lake


Find Shimmer Lake on Netflix now

In a nutshell: This original movie, starring Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), Rainn Wilson (The Office US) and Wyatt Russell (Everybody Wants Some!!) already has an almighty buzz around it. It works by telling its story (of a botched bank heist) backwards. And FYI, it’s not a gimmick when it works this well.

How much time? One hour, 23 minutes; great for those who ask the question, “when did films get so long?”

You’ll like this if you like… Anything by the Coen Brothers. Smart, dark comedy.


Find CounterPunch on Netflix now

In a nutshell: Try something different with a documentary on the world of young, up-and-coming boxers and their efforts to make it big. Plenty of light, comic moments in amongst the powerful stuff too.

How much time? One hour, 31 minutes. Sunday night viewing that’ll set you up to go back to work, we’d say.

You’ll like this if you like… Powerful racing documentary, Senna.

War Machine

Find War Machine on Netflix now

In a nutshell: A war movie with a difference – it’s a satire, it doesn’t feature much fighting and it’s, er, very anti-war – War Machine stars Brad Pitt as a proud general tasked with winning an unpop war, who takes on the challenge in his own unique style.

How much time? Two hours, two minutes. Add a takeaway pizza and that’s your Saturday night sorted.

You’ll like this if you like… House Of Cards and its examination of power.



Find GLOW on Netflix

In a nutshell: Hyped, and with good reason, GLOW (aka Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) tells the story of the all-female wrestling circuit of the 1980s and the characters behind it. As hilarious as it is emotive, it stars Alison Brie (Community) and Betty Gilpin (Nurse Jackie), with costumes as bold and fabulous as the show itself.

How much time? Five hours. Lazy Sunday plans – done.

You’ll like this if you like… Orange Is The New Black and its strong female leads.



Find Power seasons 1-4 on Netflix

In a nutshell: A successful nightclub owner, Ghost (Omari Hardwick in his breakout role) has another gig on the side: as the A-listers’ go-to drug dealer. When he wants to quit his double life, things get complicated. And don’t even mention his love life.

How much time? 28 hours and counting. A few hours per week and this could be the show to take you through to Christmas.

You’ll like this if you like… Suits and its high-powered secrets.



Find Okja on Netflix

In a nutshell: A beautiful, bizarre movie about a young girl who goes up against a powerful multinational business to stop them stealing her beloved companion – a massive, pig-like beast. Okja stars Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano, among others, and it’s unlike any film you’ve seen this year.

How much time? Two hours. For a weekday evening when you want a break from the usual fodder.

You’ll like this if you like… The thoughtful, bizarre sci-fi of The Lobster.

Pretty Little Liars

Find Pretty Little Liars seasons 1-7 on Netflix

In a nutshell: Four high school friends, a missing girl, mysterious texts and plenty of secrets. One of those shows that so far transcends its traditional teen audience because the quality is so good.

How much time? 132 hours. Yep, seriously. This is broken-leg-or-signed-off-work territory.

You’ll like this if you like… Gossip Girl. XOXO, guys.