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What to watch on Virgin Movies this June


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Summer is finally upon us and many blockbusters (like the sun) have already come and gone.  As the big guns fight it out at the local multiplex, why not check out the smaller hidden gems on Virgin Movies? To help you on your way, here are ten to check out in June.



Who isn’t in the mood for gunfire, explosions and insane martial arts action? Still not sold? What if we tell you that The Raid’s Iko Uwais is the star? Exactly. Get ready for a feast of over-the-top, perfectly choreographed action and a violent tale of redemption and revenge.

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The true story of a man who strikes it rich when he discovers gold in the uncharted jungle of Indonesia is an extremely tempting premise. But when you throw in stars Matthew McConaughey, Edgar Ramirez and Bryce Dallas Howard, and the Oscar-winning writer of Traffic, Stephen Gaghan, you have a must-watch movie.

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Sometimes the most obscure subject matter makes for the best documentary. On the other hand, when you have a simple documentary focusing on the greatest footballer of all time, you have something pretty special, and absolutely unmissable.

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The Space Between Us

 There is no getting away from the fact that a sci-fi romance about a teenager from Mars sounds pretty crazy. But this indie movie starring Asa Butterfield and bona fide cinematic legend Gary Oldman is an underrated gem that is definitely deserving of your time.

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 After all these years, and everything that has happened in the world, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name being attached to any movie is still a huge deal. Although Aftermath is the polar opposite to a typical Arnie action movie, it features a great performance from the great man, in a tense and fascinating true story.

Aftermath is available to rent from Monday 12th June



If you want to a stamp of quality, how about the fact this was directed by, and stars none other than Denzel Washington. More? How about co-star Viola Davis received a Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in this film? Fences is based on Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name? Surely that’s enough now. Highly recommended.

Fences is available to rent from Monday 12th June


The Founder


As true stories go, this one is hard to beat. Based on the story of a travelling milkshake salesman who turned an obscure burger restaurant into the multi-billion dollar franchise that is McDonald’s, The Founder is a well-made, well-acted, and absolutely fascinating story.

The Founder is available to rent from Monday 12th June


20th Century Women

Oscar-nominated for Mike Mills’ script, this one also boasts as impressive a cast list as you’ll likely to see, with Annette Bening, Elle Fanning, Greta Gerwig and Billy Crudup all impressing. Moving and with a witty charm, 20th Century Women is an easy watch, draped in Southern Californian style.

20th Century Women is available to rent from Monday 19th June



The lives of three complete strangers become entwined when they cross paths during a harrowing child abuse trial. Starring Viola Davis, Hayden Panettiere and Ellen Burstyn, the impressive trio hold the film together with impressive, powerful performances, while the plot itself grips.

Custody is available to rent from Monday 26th June


The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

 Easily dismissed as yet another low-rent horror flick with a silly name, The Autopsy Of Jane Doe is actually far more. Serving up genuine scares, real suspense and a plot that actually attempts something different, this one is a real winner that horror fans are sure to love.

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe is available to rent from Monday 26th June