Get your early access with our Destiny 2 A to Z | Virgin Media

Get your early access with our Destiny 2 A to Z


The Destiny 2 Beta is almost upon us, and excited doesn’t even come close to how we're feeling.  To celebrate the first look at one of the hottest titles of the year, we managed to narrow down the biggest 26 things to look forward, and it wasn't easy believe us!  Read on for a full look at the A to Z of Destiny 2...


A is for...Action Shooter

Are you ready? You sure? Good. Welcome to the Destiny 2 Alpha BETA. Get ready to #RaiseYourGame

B is for...Beautiful Art

Awesome next level visuals always begin with some mind blowing concept art.

C is for...Co-op

Form fireteams, connect with other players, smash up enemy strongholds. Boom. 

D is for..Destruction

The world you know is gone, time to step up and reclaim what we have lost.

E is for...EDZ


European Dead Zone, twice as big as any destination so far. Say hello to your new dystopian home. 

F is Fired up you'll be

As a Virgin Media customer you could be playing Destiny 2 before anyone else. Perks innit.

G is for...Guardians

Guardians: what will you do to reclaim your powers, your home and your friends?

H is for...Homecoming

The very first mission to tackle on Destiny 2, in which humanity’s last safe city has just fallen.

I is for...IO

Moon of Jupiter, the last place touched by the Traveler before the collapse, sacred to Warlocks.


J is for...Jump Around

You won’t be able to sit still with end-to-end non stop action.

K is for...4K

Destiny 2’s PC version will have 4K resolution support and an uncapped frame rate. Winning. 

L is for...Loot

You and your team could earn sweet loot from simply working together.

M is for...Multiplayer

All activities in Destiny 2 will be moved to 4 v 4.  Eyes up, Guardian.

N is for...Planetoid Nessus


A new location in Destiny 2 which was converted by the Vex where Cayde-6 is hiding out.

O is for..OMG

Destiny 2 is looking too hot to handle right now… 

P is for...Power

The free floating mysterious traveler has been captured by the Cabal Red Legion. You must protect the light.

Q is for...Quests

Discover hidden quests, like Lost Sectors, defeat hidden bosses and pick up special loot hoards. 

R is for...Raids


The new one in Destiny 2 is "…unlike anything we’ve done before," according to Luke Smith, Game Director at Bungie.

S is for..September 6th when it all begins

Book your holidays. Pull down the curtains and then get ready to #RaiseYourGame.

T is for...Titan

A Moon of Saturn, and a half submerged marine world. Something sinister lurks below. 

U is for...the Ultimate

Become the ultimate Destiny 2 universe whizz after going through our Alpha BETA on 17 and 18 July.

V is for...the new Villain


Who you’ll learn to love & hate: their name is Ghaul, and they're commander of the Red Legion.

X is for...Xcited

September still feels quite a long way away, but don’t worry though, we’ll help you get there! 

Y is for...Why?

Why are you still reading this and not building up your fireteam? 

Z is for...all the sleep you'll need

You will need to catch up on some serious Z’s after playing the Destiny 2 BETA, for three days in a row…

Keep an eye out for more Destiny 2 exclusives coming this way soon!