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Telly highlights of the week


Doctor Who fans almost fainted across the nation last week, and it wasn’t just because the Cybermen were so darned creepy…

Aliens invaded Los Angeles (Colony)


Sci-fi dystopian nightmare Colony returned to our screens, with a tasty flashback episode finally revealing the moment when the occupiers sealed in Los Angeles. Top marks for being brave enough to be an alien invasion show which doesn’t actually depict the invasion itself till season two…

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A transgender teen showed us what’s up (I Am Jazz)


Reality show addicts would have been hooked on the return of Jazz, whose bold and unashamed take on being a trans person has made her pretty much a US telly icon.

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We learnt you can “outsource” cooking (The Week The Landlords Moved In)


Meanwhile, documentary series The Week The Landlords Moved In continued to startle us with examples of how rich people actually think. Case in point…

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Mel B got in touch with the spiritual plane (Hollywood Medium)

We’re not sure what’s more unfeasible: the “Hollywood Medium” getting in touch with Mel B’s dead grandfather, or how unbelievably glamorous the Spice Girl looks. Seriously, she puts Victoria to shame.

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An old friend returned from the past (Doctor Who) 

Not content with blowing our minds with the return of the classic Cybermen AND a multi-Master episode, Doctor Who shocked us with the return of the First Doctor. Watch. In. Awe.

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We blubbed our hearts out (Nashville)

And finally, following Rayna’s shock death, Nashville gave us perhaps the most heartfelt, heart-string-twanging, tearduct-rupturing musical interlude in its history. Have the tissues handy.

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