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Telly highlights of the week


Unfeasibly handsome firefighters, acid-tongued fashionistas and a lady who knows her way around a hair extension. We look back at the most memorable people on the tellybox this week.

Clothes designers got catty (Project Runway All Stars)

project runway.gif

It’s hard to pick a favourite designer on Project Runway All Stars: they’re all so deliciously awful to each other. But we do have a soft spot for deadpan Dmitry. Hey, he won a previous season of Runway AND is a professional ballroom dancer. He’s allowed to be smug.

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We were terrified by a rhinoceros (Zoo)


Sci-fi thriller Zoo returned to our screens, and quickly proved that the only thing worse than being chased by an angry rhino is being chased by an angry rhino-hybrid-monster-beast from hell.

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Politics met pop culture (Madam Secretary)


She’s talking metaphorically about the Bat-signal. They don’t literally have a Bat-signal in Madam Secretary’s version of Washington DC. Sad.

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Someone almost died in a really silly way (Chicago Fire)


We’re not sure what’s more amusing – the almost comical hotness of firefighter Taylor Kinney, or this call-out that happened in the season opener of Chicago Fire.

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George was really George-like (Poldark)


Meanwhile, over in Cornwall, George continued in his bid to be rechristened Gitty McGit. Seriously, though. He’s a git.

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We were immediately hooked on a new reality show (Hair Goddess)

Shove everything else aside and prepare to get addicted to Hair Goddess, a riveting reality show featuring bacon porn, cute dogs and a woman with the most unlikely voice in world history. Really. 

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