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What to watch on Virgin Movies this July


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We are now over half way through the year! Yes, that means that half the movies have come and gone already, but don’t get too depressed, that also means we have another six months’ worth of movies ahead of us. And while a chunk of those will be franchise films, slick sequels and big blockbusters, we can also expect a healthy supply of brilliantly made smaller movies. So as we enter July and the second half of 2017, check out ten great hidden gems on Virgin Movies!


A Cure For Wellness

With three pirates movies on his CV, director Gore Verbinski certainly knows how to do spectacle. But with A Cure For Wellness, he swaps CGI for pure atmosphere and fidget-in-your-seat creepiness. Add in a cast of unconventional quality including Dane Dehaan, and you have yourself have an underrated gem.

A Cure For Wellness is available now on Virgin Movies


Trespass Against Us

Michael Fassbender has spent a large proportion of the last few years surrounded by green screen. But for Trespass Against Us he returns to the normal world, complete with Irish accent. Playing a man looking to escape from the clutches of his outlaw father (played by the always dependable Brendan Gleeson), this film successfully blends several different genres and styles.

Trespass Against Us is available now on Virgin Movies



A man hides in his attic in an attempt to escape from his life. Intriguing plot, eh? Well if the unique premise wasn’t enough, how about the fact that Bryan Cranston is playing the troubled family man? And Jennifer Garner is playing his wife? Done and done.

Wakefield is available now on Virgin Movies



Does anyone remember Paul Verhoeven? You know, the visionary director of Starship Troopers, Total Recall and, umm, Showgirls. That’s the one. So anyway, he’s back in a big way. Based on a novel by Philippe Djian, nominated for an Oscar, and starring Isabelle Huppert, this is a classy thriller that will have you gnawing on your nails.


Patriots Day

Directed by Peter Berg and starring legit A-lister Mark Wahlberg, Patriot’s Day marks the third time they have worked together, after war story Lone Survivor, and the more recent Deepwater Horizon. And again telling a true story of tragedy and courage, Patriot’s Day’s under performance at the box office doesn’t do justice to what is a well told retelling of a harrowing event. 

Patriots Day is available now on Virgin Movies


Personal Shopper

Nominated for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, and starring K-Stew – sorry - Kristen Stewart, this is the story of a personal shopper in Paris who seeks to make contact with her dead twin-brother. Sounds kind of strange doesn’t it? It is, but in a good way.

Personal Shopper is available on Virgin Movies from 17 July


The Lost City of Z

Based on the true story of a real life explorer who discovers a civilisation along the Amazon, The Lost City of Z is the kind of film that history forgot. Featuring old style adventure, real life sets and locations, and a charming star in Charlie Hunnam, this is well worth discovering.

The Lost City of Z is available on Virgin Movies from 24 July


Futureshock! The Story of 2000AD

Pretty much everyone has heard of 2000AD’s most famous creation Judge Dredd, but not everyone has heard of 2000AD itself. Even if you’ve never read the cult comic, this is a genuinely fascinating look at a group of talented eccentrics who decided to create something special and unique by doing it their own way.

Futureshock! The Story of 2000AD is available on Virgin Movies from 24 July



Having been somewhat hidden by the blockbuster sized shadow cast by Alien: Covenant, Life flew by relatively unnoticed. Part science fiction, part horror, and with a cast to die for including Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds, this is a thoroughly entertaining, guilty pleasure of a movie. Sit back and enjoy.

Life is available on Virgin Movies from 31 July


Table 19

Movies featuring ensemble casts live or die by the quality of the cast. In the case of Table 19, the story of a group of eccentric outcasts who get stuck on a wedding table miles from the action, you have a great selection of actors including Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow and Stephen Merchant. Funny and surprisingly dramatic in places, this should be nearer the top table.

Table 19 is available on Virgin Movies from 31 July