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You know you’re in love with Tom Hanks when…


Tom Hanks is one of the world’s most beloved actors, and it is universally agreed that he is a great all-round guy. No one can blame us for being a little in love with Tom.  To celebrate the arrival of Inferno this month on Sky Cinema, we listed the tell-tale clues as to whether you too might have fallen head over heels for Hanx..


1.  You dream of becoming a professor of symbology (Inferno)

Tom’s first proper live-action franchise role was as the dashing Harvard Professor Robert Langdon, hero of the Da Vinci code, among other movies. The prof travels European cities to decipher mysteries left behind by history - whether hidden in buildings, paintings or other miscellaneous works of art. In his latest adventure, Inferno, he follows a series of clues to unearth an ancient plague. Yup, sounds suitably mysterious and awesome.

Inferno is available on Sky Cinema from Friday 7 July


2.  You’re convinced life is just like a box of chocolates (Forrest Gump)

Forrest Gump is by far Hanx’s most epic part, and it’s not hard to see why. Aside from being unbelievably endearing, the character spouts awesome, highly quotable wisdom in an inimitable accent. And do you never know what you’re going to get in life - right? So much so that you might find yourself sharing this essential truth with randomers, especially when waiting for the bus.


3.  RUN FORREST RUN is your go-to mantra (Forrest Gump)


Forrest discovers that running is his secret power of sorts, and through it, breaks many of the barriers set against him. As a true Tom fan, whenever you are facing a new challenge, you only have to remind yourself of the timeless phrase to get yourself back on the job.

Forrest Gump is available now on Sky Cinema


4.  The very thought of Wilson makes you weep (Cast Away)


The loss of Wilson was heart-breaking, and Cast Away can only be watched on a rainy night with tub of ice-cream on hand. Please don’t ever do this to us again, Tom.

Cast Away is available now on Sky Cinema


5.  You aspire to reach his expertise in epic photobombing



In real life, Hanx is an amazing photobomber. Check out these shots of him posing with a drunk student at a bar - and this video catching him crashing a wedding photoshoot. These are the levels we one day hope to measure ourselves against. Sorry J Law - you’re good, but Hanx wins.


6.  Whenever there’s a problem, you turn to Houston (Apollo 13)


In times of stress, you might find yourself directing your complaints to somewhere in Texas. And who can blame you? Once Houston takes on a problem, you know that it’ll be sorted.

Apollo 13 is available now on Sky Cinema 


7.  Your entire moral compass is based on The Green Mile

Everything you need to know about life’s most difficult questions is in the Green Mile. Tom there plays an officer who guards prisoners on death row. When he discovers that one of them is in fact innocent, it brings his whole moral code into question. Whenever life throws a curveball, you of course refer to this great, great, film in order to figure things out.


8.  You’re set on saving anyone called Ryan (Saving Private Ryan)


Ryans and James of the world, watch out! We’re out to save you, whether you want it or not.  Yes, your colleague is still wondering why you’re bringing him donuts every morning, followed by a ‘James, earn this… earn it.’

Saving Private Ryan is available now on Sky Cinema 


9.  You now pack your luggage naked

Once Tom shared this life hack with us, we couldn’t think of prepping for a trip any other way. Sure, it can get a little awkward in a BnB, but if Hanx gets away with it, so can you.


10.  You know Zoltar is somewhere out there (Big)


The existence of Zoltar is naturally a given, and it’s only really a matter of time until you bump into him at a funfair. Then he’ll grant your dearest wish, which is, of course, to meet Tom Hanks.


11.  You eagerly check his feed of lost gloves every morning


Source: Twitter/@tomhanks

Any Tom Hanks fan knows about the actor’s obsession with lost items of clothing - gloves in particular. The actor regularly calls for the misplaced objects to be rescued, posting their picture on social media accompanied by pithy captions. What a lovely, quirky thing to do, and now you can’t live without it.

Sky Cinema Tom Hanks (CH 434), available from 10-23 July

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