The A to Z of South Park | Virgin Media

We’ve been going down to South Park to see if we can’t unwind and leave our woes behind for two decades now. Thanks to its chaotic plots, killer catchphrases, anarchic humour and ingenious ability to fire out topical satire before the rest of us have taken in the morning headlines, it’s still as revolutionary as ever.

Which is exactly why we’re so excited about the 21st season (yes, really) of Comedy Central’s longest-running animation. But what’s that smell? It’s the whiff of change in the air. While season 20 went big on Trump, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are taking things back to basics. Season 21 will be less obviously politically charged, with the kids going back to just being kids.

Need a reminder of why the show is such a game-changer? Here are 26 of them…