Using a Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

There are plenty of bandwidth monitoring tools available online and they can provide a lot of useful information, like your current, average and maximum speeds. You can find these free tools – like DUMeter, NetMeter and BitMeter 2 – on the internet.

You can use these along with the manual speed testing method to measure performance during the testing, including peak and average values.

An even more comprehensive tool is the tbbMeter from ThinkBroadband (shown below), which you can download here: Think Broadband Meter Download.

These are third party software tools that aren’t supported by Virgin Media, so we can’t guarantee their performance. The software will be licensed to you, so it’s subject to a separate license agreement between you and the software owner/licensor directly. Your rights in respect of any loss or damage caused by such software shall be against the software licensor, not Virgin Media.

Before installing any software or making changes, it’s a good idea to back up any important files and your Windows registry settings. For more information on Windows registry settings, check here.

I’m still not getting the result I hoped for

Take a look at the section called What if I get poor results? - where you’ll find a great range of tips to help improve your computer’s performance.