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Final Fantasies 1& 2 on App Store now

Each priced £5.49.

Square Enix has announced that RPG classics, Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, are now available to download for the iPhone and iPod touch. The games are each priced £5.49.

Originally released for the NES in Japan back in 1987 and 1988, these two classic adventures return for a new generation to enjoy.

Both titles feature optimised control systems specifically developed for the iPhone and iPod touch interfaces, enabling users to play by simply touching the screen. Both games also feature extra dungeons, not available in the original 1987/1988 versions.

In addition, to celebrate the releases five additional Square Enix apps will be available at new lower prices. Until March 3 the following games have been reduced in price: Crystal Defenders, Vanguard Storm, Sliding Heroes, Hills and Rivers Remains and Song Summoner.

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