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Monster Hunter Tri gets free multiplayer in Europe

No subscription required to get online.

Nintendo and Capcom have announced that Monster Hunter Tri, the first game in the hit franchise to appear on Wii, will launch in Europe on April 23. What's more the game's cooperative gameplay will be free to play on dedicated European game servers.

In Japan players must pay 800 Wii Points for one month's online hunting, or 2,000 Wii Points for 90 days of online access.

Players will be able to set up quests and join each other in the hunt online with just a few simple steps. If you meet a friend or someone you wish to hunt with, you can simply add them to your friend roster, making them easy to find in the future.

The game is also fully Wii Speak-compatible, which will mean that you and up to three of your fellow hunters can chat while hunting.

In Europe, the game will ship as game only and in two separate special bundles: one containing a black Classic Controller Pro and one which contains the Wii Speak accessory and a black Classic Controller Pro.

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