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One of the brightest motorsport presenters you will see on TV these days is Scotland's own Lee McKenzie. From rallying to A1GP and GP2, Lee fronts coverage of some of the top international series. Here she tells us what she is like as a driver, and why you should never go near her on the road if you've got a 'Baby On Board' sticker.

VM: What was the first car you ever owned?

Lee: A Fiesta 1.1 – wait for it …Wedgewood Blue, my pride and joy.

VM: How much is a litre of petrol?

Lee: Erm.. 89 pence or is it 98 pence?

VM: Ever tried to beat someone off the lights?

Lee: Of course, I pride myself on my standing starts! I don’t like to beat old ladies or anything – just guys. I have a thing though – my car is automatic so with my left hand I sort my hair or tap the steering wheel in time with the music – then when they least expect it I blast away!

VM: Ever broken the law in a car?

Lee: I have been caught twice for speeding – stupidly both in 40 mph roadworks on the motorway.

VM: Who's the most car-obsessed F1 driver you know?

Lee: He’s not an F1 driver, DTM and GP2 but Adam Carroll is car crazy. He knows engine sizes, prices everything. The R8 in metallic white is his current favourite!

VM: Are men or women better drivers?

Lee: Men are arrogant drivers, but women can be just as bad. So pass – if you are a good driver you are a good driver regardless of sex.

VM: Will a woman ever get a regular F1 drive?

Lee: Not in the next 5 years but who knows after that. People now get drives due to their surname or having a famous father so the female novelty is bound to take hold but not just yet.

VM: Single-seaters or tin-tops?

Lee: Great racing is just that regardless of having a roof. I went to my first DTM last week and that was amazing but so was the supporting Euro F3 race. And GP2, and A1GP can provide some great racing too.

VM: What winds you up about other drivers?

Lee: People who sit in the middle lane of three on a motorway – I hate that so much. And it’s not about driving but 'Baby on Board' stickers or 'Little person on board' should be made illegal. I don’t drive around thinking – “I was going to ram that car but I’m not now because there’s a little person on board”

VM: What's the one road car you'd love to drive but haven't had the chance?

Lee: Fiesta 1.2 – Wedgewood Blue! Ferrari – any of them.

VM: What is currently in the car CD player?

Lee: Justin Timberlake, Hed Kandi, Rolling Stones.

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27th April 2007

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