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  1. Empire  Dan Jolin says:

    "The grave tone makes it stiff and leaden, the digi-saturated look is a turn-off. Damnable and disordered."

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  2. Total Film  Neil Smith says:

    "An assault on the senses that makes the bullet John Wilkes Booth fired into the real Abe’s noggin seem calming by comparison."

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  3. The Guardian  Peter Bradshaw says:

    "Bekmambetov directs with gusto, and the forthright absurdity of the story, combined with its weirdly heartfelt self-belief is winning. "

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  4. The Sun  Alex Zane says:

    "Has enough vamps being decapitated to keep you interested but isn’t as gloriously silly as the title."

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  5. TimeOut  Nigel Floyd says:

    "The inspiring biopic and the bloody 3D spectacle seem to occupy parallel historical time zones."

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