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  1. Total Film  Tom Dawson says:

    "Steel yourself for a mix of slapstick humour, highpitched cover versions."

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  2. The Telegraph  Robbie Collin says:

    "For children, it will pass the time, and parents may wish to combat boredom by thinking of possible subtitles for the inevitable third sequel."

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  3. The Guardian  Peter Bradshaw says:

    "Just a franchise machine whose purpose is to gouge yet more cash out of the kids who liked the previous two films."

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  4. The Sun  Alex Zane says:

    "If you have a young child who dances round your living room to Lady GaGa videos then they'll probably go gaga for this."

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  5. TimeOut  Derek Adams says:

    "You do wonder how the filmmakers still managed to contrive something so unfunny and trite. Parents should take along their own entertainment."

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