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  1. Empire  James White says:

    "It’s occasionally entertaining to have these characters back in our lives, but for the most part this fails to party like it’s 1999. "

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  2. Total Film  Jonathan Crocker says:

    "Happily, the fourth, funny, (possibly) final serving of American Pie is also warm and nostalgic enough to satisfy."

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  3. The Guardian  Peter Bradshaw says:

    "There are a few gags. But inevitably, the guys wind up sentimentally telling each other they should do this every year. Please no."

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  4. The Sun  Alex Zane says:

    "For fans of the series this provides a nostalgic catch-up with the gang and plenty of laughs along the way."

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  5. TimeOut  Tom Huddleston says:

    "What could have been a sweet, nostalgic reflection on the pitfalls and pleasures of growing up – with added dick jokes – is let down by a feeble script."

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