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  • Certificate: 15
  • Genre:
  • Cinema release: 06/03/2009
  • DVD release: 29/06/2009

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Nanette Burstein directs this documentary tracing a year in the life of five ordinary senior-year students at a small-town Indiana high school. Follow the Prom Queen, the Heartthrob, the Jock, the Rebel and the Geek as they navigate their way through the minefield of life as a teenager: the clique system, applying for college, the jubilation of getting together and the heartbreak of breaking up, and the bitter agonies of a wrongly-forwarded email or a missed jump-shot.

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"If this was sold as fiction, or as a mockumentary there'd be no problem with it, but this supposed documentary comes off as posed and ingenuine, albeit with some great characters."

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