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  1. Empire  Ian Freer says:

    "A small, personal indie with a huge cinematic and intellectual appetite."

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  2. Total Film  Kevin Harley says:

    "Marling’s breakout film thrums with restrained thought and feeling. Flawed but fully felt."

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  3. The Guardian  Peter Bradshaw says:

    "An oddly parochial, earthbound film that doesn't quite know exactly how to develop its ideas."

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  4. The Telegraph  Robbie Collin says:

    "As films about giant cosmic portents of doom go, it is rather eclipsed by Lars von Trier’s Melancholia, both in astronomical grandeur and psychological insight."

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  5. TimeOut  Nigel Floyd says:

    "Tries to beam epic sci-fi concepts into a micro-human drama, refracting its thought-provoking ideas through the prism of the central emotional relationship."

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