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  1. Empire  Kim Newman says:

    "It slips into that infuriating my-friends-are-being-killed-but-I’ll-just-walk-through-these-dark-woods-and-hope-no-one-cuts-my-throat business."

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  2. Total Film  Sam Wigley says:

    "Imagine Wes Craven directing an episode of Skins and you’ve got this over-stylised urban chiller."

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  3. The Guardian  Cath Clarke says:

    "It's a bit like being in a room with a group of stoned people at a YouTube party, replaying the best bits of their favourite movies."

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  4. TimeOut  Nigel Floyd says:

    "Director Arjun Rose piles on the flashy visuals and split-screen technique, slathers on some music and resorts to a ‘Blair Witch’-style night-vision finale."

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