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  1. Empire  Kim Newman says:

    "It’s fascinating rather than exciting, but makes for chilly thrills with two strong, charismatic lead performances."

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  2. Total Film  Matt Glasby says:

    "A nice blend of Scandinavian sophistication and Hollywood slickness, Headhunters is an entertaining Nordic noir achievement."

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  3. The Guardian  Paul MacInnes says:

    "Stuffed with Troma-style riffs around schlock, gore and human effluvia, bookended by Shallow Grave-like sections full of cynical machinations."

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  4. The Sun  Alex Zane says:

    "The action is relentless and the suspense never lets up."

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  5. TimeOut  Tom Huddleston says:

    "Not always entirely convincing (a few twists take a bit of swallowing), it’s always deliriously entertaining. "

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