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  1. Empire  Angie Errigo says:

    "At moments hilarious and others touching, it’s a sweet, slight affair, more pretty pageant than pithy biographical drama."

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  2. Total Film  Neil Smith says:

    "A treat for film buffs that’s sure to be a heavy-hitter this awards season."

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  3. The Guardian  Peter Bradshaw says:

    "It doesn't pretend to offer any great insight, but it offers a great deal of pleasure and fun, and an unpretentious homage to a terrible British movie."

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  4. The Sun  Grant Rollings says:

    "Given the film's captivating "will they, won't they" romance, I am confident My Week will turn Williams into an Oscar-winning star."

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  5. TimeOut  Dave Calhoun says:

    "A minor movie about a minor episode in the life of a major star, but it has enough sense of its own high camp not to take itself too seriously."

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