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  1. Empire  Ian Freer says:

    "Has great action, an affable cast and an inspirational story. But given its subject, it could have been so much more. "

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  2. Total Film  Paul Bradshaw says:

    "Lucas honours the African-American heroes of WWII with a popcorn memorial that’s as eye-saucering as it is shamelessly corny."

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  3. The Guardian  Phelim O'Neill says:

    "The rudimentary script sucks out all the excitement generated by the combat scenes."

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  4. The Telegraph  Robbie Collin says:

    "On the ground that airborne verve is replaced by facile plotting, shameful dialogue and an absurd romantic subplot."

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  5. TimeOut  Tom Huddleston says:

    "The flying scenes are stunning – though the CGI feels a little heavy-handed – and the cast acquit themselves admirably given the mealiness of the dialogue. "

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