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  1. Empire  Anna Smith says:

    "Very likable if you’re prepared to take the bait. And it might even be Scott Thomas’ funniest turn since Four Weddings And A Funeral."

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  2. Total Film  Neil Smith says:

    "McGregor and Blunt make fetching lovebirds, while Kristin Scott Thomas is off the scale in a rare comic outing."

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  3. The Guardian  Peter Bradshaw says:

    "The comedy's farmed, not wild."

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  4. The Sun  Alex Zane says:

    "This is at times shamelessly hokey but forgivably so as it’s engaging, uplifting and thoroughly enjoyable."

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  5. TimeOut  Guy Lodge says:

    "The stars are endearing enough to keep things tolerable, though you may wonder why even McGregor’s Scots brogue sounds artificially sweetened here. "

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