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  1. Empire  Philip Wilding says:

    "A disjointed but refreshingly subversive character drama. "

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  2. Total Film  Matt Glasby says:

    "Plays like Lasse Hallström’s My Life As A Dog meets Father Ted’s ‘My Lovely Horse’."

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  3. The Guardian  Andrew Pulver says:

    "Suffers a little from its resolute avoidance of titillation – a little more passion would not have gone amiss – but it's a worthwhile effort nonetheless."

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  4. Channel 4  Rebecca Davies says:

    "A gripping, genre-blending triumph elevated by commanding performances from its young cast."

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  5. TimeOut  Cath Clarke says:

    "With her mysterious, gripping debut, Swedish director Lisa Aschan deliciously subverts the coming-of-age formula."

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