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  1. Empire  Anna Smith says:

    "Charming, delightful and highly amusing - just what you'd expect from the star studded cast of veterans."

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  2. Total Film  Mark Samuels says:

    "The pleasure of seeing a supergroup of Brit-veterans soon withers in an OAP comedy that plumps for light laughs over deeper insights."

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  3. The Guardian  Peter Bradshaw says:

    "Oddly like an Agatha Christie thriller with all the pasteboard characters, 2D backstories and foreign locale, but no murder."

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  4. The Sun  Alex Zane says:

    "Certainly a harmless and whimsical look at old age – but sadly the film lacks any real substance."

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  5. TimeOut  Ben Walters says:

    "They might have just got away with it as a Sunday night mini-series but from a cinematic perspective, this trip shouldn’t have been embarked upon."

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