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  1. Empire  Owen Williams says:

    "Amounts to more than the sum of its scary parts. "

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  2. Total Film  Kevin Harley says:

    "Refreshing old haunts with old-school sincerity, James Wan delivers the weekend chill-seeking goods."

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  3. The Guardian  Henry Barnes says:

    "Wan's shocks are predictable but – yikes! – are they scary."

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  4. The Telegraph  Robbie Collin says:

    "Wan’s film is a sturdily built supernatural chiller, with next-to-no digital effects or gore, and it delivers its scares with a breezy lack of urgency. "

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  5. TimeOut  Cath Clark says:

    "Unleashes prosthetics and predictable horror movie clichés But by this time you’ll have had the sweet bejesus spooked out of you and may not care. "

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