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  1. Empire  Olly Richards says:

    "Part horror film, but more ghost story. It’s not enough to make the audience jump; they have to feel their flesh crawl almost constantly."

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  2. The Telegraph  Robbie Collin says:

    "Don’t be reassured by the 12A certificate: there’s barely a glimpse of anything scary in this film, but that’s precisely what makes it so terrifying."

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  3. The Guardian  Xan Brooks says:

    "The former Potter has taken a shrewd baby-step in the right direction with this busy, bustling ghost story."

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  4. The Sun  Alex Zane says:

    "The script and eerie direction from James Watkins ensure it's an intense, nerve-shattering experience."

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  5. TimeOut  Tom Huddleston says:

    "‘Eden Lake’ director James Watkins proves himself a master of the short, sharp shock – and a superbly maintained air of clammy dread."

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