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  1. Empire  Dan Jolin says:

    "Exactly what you’d expect — and hope for — from the latest, and we’re guessing final, Woody and Buzz adventure."

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  2. Total Film  Neil Smith says:

    "Funny, affecting and dramatically fearless, it’s as fine a threequel as you could hope for."

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  3. The Guardian  Michael Hann says:

    "Disney-Pixar's latest has a malign, strawberry-scented teddy and a sad, even class-conscious edge that lifts it into the profound"

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  4. The Sun  Alex Zane says:

    "A superb and emotional end to a series that will continue to be watched and adored by new generations for years to come. "

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  5. TimeOut  Lee Unkrich says:

    "The Toy Story films are deservedly seen as the gold standard"

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