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  1. Empire  Ian Freer says:

    "An overlong, all encompassing experience that despite Crowe’s integrity and lightness of touch doesn’t deliver the emotional experience of, say, Jerry Maguire."

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  2. Total Film  Andrew Lowry says:

    "It’s slight, sure, and there’s a better, less-glossy film buried in the material, but warm performances redeem Crowe’s agreeable return."

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  3. The Guardian  Peter Bradshaw says:

    "It's a bit sucrose, especially at the beginning, but this traditional, sweet-natured family film will tug on the heartstrings."

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  4. The Telegraph  Tim Robey says:

    "The movie is pretty, sticky, thoroughly innocuous, and quite nice."

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  5. TimeOut  Cath Clarke says:

    "Heart-on-sleeve touching if you’ve got a sweet tooth for the stickier stuff."

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