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Top 10 dinosaur movies

The Ice Age lads: Licensed to chill.

Whether dinosaurs make you shudder in fear or cry with laughter at their rubbery-ness, they are creatures that have captivated moviegoers since film began. So here is a choice of raptor flicks to tickle your fancy.

Ice Age (2002)
Fluffy-bottomed mammoth Manny (voiced by Ray Romano from Everyone Loves Raymond) with his sabre-toothed chum Diego and sloth-y buddy Sid captured kids' and adults' imaginations alike in this digitally animated journey across our slowly freezing pre-historic world. And all because a little mouse-y creature loves his acorns…

Jurassic Park (1993)
Spielberg’s triple-Oscar winning, double-sequel-spawning adventure enraptured audiences everywhere as terrifyingly realistic dinos were brought to life by his cinematic magic. Goat-munching T-Rex (weighing 15,000lbs) and newly-hatched Velociraptors were brought to life with ground-breaking CGI and embellished by cutting-edge digital sound. Theme-park bred dinos proved uber-lucrative too - the movie has made nearly a billion dollars worldwide.

One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing (1975)
Casting gives this slapsticky Disney flick nostalgic cache, with Max Wall, Peter Ustinov and Bernard Bresslaw doing caricatured turns, in a Brit-twit filled plot that sees the National History Museum robbed of a dinosaur. Comedy villains and dodgy non-PC Chinamen abound. But wrinkly-girl-power rules when intrepid nannies Helen Hayes and Joan Hickson make a dash for it in a truck with a Brontosaurus in the back….think geriatric Thelma and Louise!

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