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Blast From The Past - guess the year

We've got lots of love for retro movies and just to prove it we're strapping ourselves in for yet another Blast From The Past!

The decade was nary one year old but already some big-hitters were keen as mustard to bestow upon us the era-defining blockbusters. Indy was taking on those Raiders of The Lost Ark whilst the Man of Steel was making hard work of dealing with some nattily-dressed Kryptonians in Superman II. Yes, 1981 set the stage for a right, royal Box Office smackdown. Meanwhile Mel Gibson was perfecting the art of road rage in Mad Max 2 and Kurt Russell had really had up to 'here' with the Big Apple in Escape From New York. '81 was also the year of one of the most talked about scandals in Hollywood history as a young Rebel Without A Cause star sailed off into the sunset...

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