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Blast From The Past - guess the year

Brosnan was shaking and stirring us up as Bond, while De Niro and Pacino were getting all hot and bothered in Heat. Can you guess the year?

Alcopops and combat trousers? Some things are SO last century. Yes, 1995 was a real turning point in many ways. Kevin Spacey became a bona fide star following his performances in The Usual Suspects and Se7en, while Kevin Costner must have been dreaming (in a Field of Dreams - chuckle) if he thought Waterworld was going to catch on. Mel Gibson was busy bagging Oscars for Braveheart and Tom Hanks' career was headed into the stratosphere after the brilliant Apollo 13. Things weren't quite so hunky dory for everyone's favourite foppish actor, Hugh Grant, who was caught with a lady of the night (ahem). So, find out what films were causing a stir in the middle of the 90s as we present you with a Blast from the Past!

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