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Blast From The Past - guess the year

Harrison Ford was going great guns for a one-armed man whilst Bill Murray was having a really bad day...over and over again. But what was the year?

Ah yes. We remember it like it was yesterday...getting all hot and bothered over Spielberg's dino-mite blockbuster, Harrison Ford giving it tons on the lamb and Demi Moore selling herself out for a wad of readies (though, to be fair that last hint could be applicable to any year since then too). Yes, it's 1993 when our world was readily rocked by Jurassic Park, The Fugitive and Indecent Proposal. That and we were getting better acquainted with deja vu in Bill Murray's hilarious Groundhog Day. That and we were getting better...only kidding! So join us now as we take a gander through a bygone era with Blast From The Past 1993!

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