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Blast From The Past - guess the year

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Remember the excitement when the clock struck twelve and we were ushered into a new millennium? We do! That's why we're jumping back to the year 2000 for a Blast From The Past!

Ah yes. The year 2000. Thankfully the machines didn't turn against us and enslave their masters a la Y2K, which was good. And equally good were the tireless exploits of Messrs Kevin Spacey and Angelina Jolie who took home little golden statuettes in 2000 for their sterling work on American Beauty and Girl, Interrupted respectively. It was a year that marked the start of a blockbusting franchise in the form of X-Men and Christian Bale really let loose, way before that infamous on-set rant, with American Psycho. Angelina took to wearing vials of Billy Bob Thornton's blood and Michael Douglas engaged in a spot of cradle thievery by marrying Catherine Zeta-Jones. Of course, you would have probably been watching the likes of Cast Away, Mission: Impossible II and the peerless Gladiator back then too! What a year!

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