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Cameron Diaz exposed

Few words inspire such unbridled glee as the following...Cameron Diaz Exposed. Yep, Hollywood's very own blonde bombshell is getting the Exposed treatment as we take a closer look at her revelatory career!

Let's face it. Ever since 'that' entrance in The Mask Cameron Diaz has been wowing 'em in the aisles whilst skipping merrily to the top of the Hollywood tree. With this week's The Box looking to remind us of Diaz erstwhile charms, the time is right to take a peek at Cameron's best bits...(that came out wrong, sorry). From ass-whopping delight Charlie's Angels, to putting the frighteners up wee Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky, Miss Diaz has shone like a beacon in an otherwise colourless world. And just to prove it, here she is now...and she's Exposed!!!

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