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Gnomeo & Juliet: Exclusive Clip - Lawnmower Race

Garden rivalry is taken to new heights as we're introduced to a world never gnome before! The hats are off as the infamous star-crossed lovers and their colourful companions come to life in the hilarious, action-packed, family 3D adventure.

Tags:Elton John,clip,Jason Statham,Gnomeo and Juliet,movies,Emily Blunt,Gnomeo & Juliet,James McAvoy


Animated comedy adventure featuring the voice talents of Michael Caine, James McAvoy, Emily Blunt and Patrick Stewart. Shakespeare's timeless story of doomed love is transposed to the surprisingly hazardous world of the suburban front lawn as lovestruck garden gnomes Gnomeo (voiced by McAvoy) and Juliet (Blunt) find themselves caught up in a feud between the next-door neighbours to whom they belong.

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