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Guilty pleasures - Anaconda

Be afraid. For the most realistic giant serpent ever seen in movies is ready to pounce. With over the top acting from a glittering array of stars including Jon Voight and J-Lo, it can only be one thing: it's Anaconda and it's our Guilty Pleasure!

Set in the midst of the Amazon jungle, Jon Voight plays an evil snake hunter hellbent on catching the big one. Only problem is, he brings this big one into the lives of Jennifer Lopez and her nature documentary team - and inevitably things go from bad to worse. With dubious dialogue, hammy acting and one of the silliest serpents ever seen in movies, it can only be Anaconda. Does it get any guiltier than this bad boy? Surely not - and that's why we love it!

Tags:Jon Voight,movies,ice cube,anaconda,04/11/2009,Jennifer Lopez,movie shows,Film,Owen Wilson,Luis Llosa,guilty pleasures,Eric Stoltz

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