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Guilty pleasures - Clueless

If, like us, you're Clueless as to why Alicia Silverstone is not getting work any more then check out our Guilty Pleasure Show as we remind ourselves of her brightly-coloured awesomeness!

Join us as we don our pastel-coloured T-Shirt, wear our trousers dangerously low below the waistline and rejoice in the mid 90s inspired slice of brilliance that is Clueless. Forgotten hottie Alicia Silverstone leads the all-star charge alongside future A-Listers Paul Rudd and Brittany Murphy here as Jane Austen gets the mother of all makeovers! Yes, it's our patented Guilty Pleasure show!

Tags:Brittany Murphy,Jeremy Sisto,10/06/2009,movies,Donald Faison,Clueless,alicia silverstone,movie shows,Film,guilty pleasures,Paul Rudd

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